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School Review Process Guide
The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement created the School Review Process Guide (the Guide) to assist schools in planning and implementing a school improvement process focused on increasing student achievement. The Guide provides school improvement team members with a flexible planning and implementation design that can be tailored to individual schools.
The structure of the Guide allows school improvement team members to customize the comprehensive review and implementation process to their own schools—they review school programs based on their own data and design a school improvement plan that is based on the individual needs of their own students and school communities. The guide includes suggestions and guidance for:

  • Selecting and engaging a school improvement team

  • Gathering relevant data

  • Interpreting data

  • Planning for the implementation of improvement strategies based on an analysis of the data

The use of relevant data is at the core of the school review process approach. Various forms of relevant data are gathered, including demographic data, student achievement data, community perception data, and data on the current program (e.g., curriculum, instructional strategies, school climate factors, etc.). Perception surveys are included to gather input from administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents.

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