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State achievement data for schools and districts can be found on the individual State Department of Education Web sites.


Web Site and Description of Available Resources


This Web site on the Alabama State Department of Education Web site provides access to a variety of Accountability Documents and Reports.

The Accountability Reporting System Database provides a detailed search screen to find test results by school, system, subject, and demographic groups.


The Accountability page of the State of Alaska Department of Education lists AYP reports and School, District and State worksheets that include language and math data.

More Statewide, Districtwide and Schoolwide Assessment Results are listed on the Assessment Results page:


On the State of Arizona Department of Education Web site, the Research and Evaluation Reports Section includes links to various Assessment results, the AIMS Report Wizard Database, and School Report Cards which leads you to another database that you can search by school district or report card.


Arkansas State Report Card information is available through the Arkansas School Information Site. The Reports are searchable at the state, district and school level.

The Arkansas NCLB page provides a link to the 2004-2005 Final School Improvement Schools Status Report which includes overall AYP scores for Arkansas schools.


The California Department of Education DataQuest database provides facts about California schools and districts and allows you to search by report subjects including "School Performance" and "Test Scores."


The Student Assessment page of the Colorado Department of Education Web site lists Assessment Results including a link to Colorado state mastery summary results for reading, writing, math and science by school and district and a link to NAEP summary results.


These Connecticut reports include information about whether or not a school or district made AYP as well as the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) achievement data.

There is also a Web site for Student Performance Results for Connecticut Statewide testing programs.


The Delaware State Web site Performance Measures page provides a link to the Delaware State Report Card with state level data.

Data on Delaware Content Standards are available on the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) home page and arranged by subject, district and school.

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Office of Educational Accountability provides statistical data and access to the DCPS Academic Performance Database System with current district data.


The Florida Assessment and School Performance (ASP) Home Page provides links to test data.

There is also a 2004-2005 School Accountability Report database that reports Florida School grades.

School District data can be found here.


The Data Reporting section of the Georgia State Department of Education Web site provides access to reports and applications associated with the mandated data collections performed each year by the state. These include reports related to AYP, NCLB, and Report Cards.


Accountability Resource Center Hawaii (ARCH) provides resources including a variety of reports, ranging from No Child Left Behind and School Status and Improvement reports to statewide surveys and related documents.


The Idaho State Department of Education Assessment and Accountability page lists AYP Information including Annual District and School Summary reports.

There is also a database with current AYP information searchable by state, district and school.

The School Report Card Search page of the Idaho site contains a wealth of information about subject test results by state, district, school and grade level.


Data Analysis and Progress Reporting section of the Illinois Web site provides data charts of testing results and other resources such as an AYP analysis document.

You can also search for School, District, and State Report Cards using the eReport Card database.


Accountability data for the state of Indiana, including state, national and AYP assessment results can be found listed on the Indiana Department of Education Web site.

The School Data section of Indiana's Accountability System for Academic Progress (ASAP) Web site provides informational, demographic, and achievement data about Indiana schools.


The Iowa Department of Education School Profile Web site provides specific information about student achievement that can be searched by district or school.

There is also an Assessments page that lists Iowa NAEP Results and a link to the State Report Card.


The Kansas Building, District and State Report Card includes Assessment and Accountability information on a statewide basis and also by district and by building. AYP Results are included in the report.


The Reports page on the Kentucky Department of Education Web site includes data generated by the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System on the performance of schools and districts throughout the state. Data on this site includes national norm referenced test results, Kentucky performance reports, NCLB reports and NAEP data. Testing+and+Reporting+/Reports/default.htm


The Accountability section of the Louisiana Department of Education Web site includes test results, and data and reports on accountability by state, district and school.


Maine Educational Assessment Results for the 2004-2005 School Year can be found on the State of Maine Web site.

National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) Results for Maine are also available on the state site.


The Maryland Report Card is a collection of data on school performance and provides accountability information, including test data, at the state, school system and school level.


The Massachusetts Department of Education Web site has a page listing Statistical Reports including School & District Profiles and School and District Data Reports.


The Michigan Department of Education Office of Educational Assessment & Accountability Web page lists various state assessment results as well as AYP and NAEP data.,1607,7-140-22709---,00.html


The Data Download page of the Minnesota Department of Education Web site provides many Excel and other files with state assessment accountability data as well as NCLB related test data.


The Mississippi Assessment and Accountability Reporting System includes information on state, district, or school data and other reports.

You can also link to NAEP and other test information on the Mississippi Office of Student Assessment Web site.


This Missouri School Data site provides summary reports on annual performance and school district report cards.


The Montana Office of Public Instruction Measurement and Accountability unit lists test result data as well as student assessment data available for download.


The Nebraska Department of Education provides accountability and subject performance data at the state, school district and school building level in this online report: "2005-2006 State of the Schools Report: A Report on Nebraska Public Schools"


The "Nevada Report Card" is the Nevada Department of Education’s new public education accountability reporting Web site and provides school, district, and state achievement information on Nevada’s state-mandated assessments. The State Profile section provides a link to NAEP data.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Education’s Office of Accountability hosts an Assessment Web page providing an outline of the statewide assessment system and related test results.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s Assessment & Evaluation page includes links to statewide assessment programs and New Jersey School Report Cards. National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) data is also accessible.

New Mexico

"Measuring AYP in New Mexico" provides links to various AYP reports including Accountability Reports by School District and 2004 District Report Cards.

New York

The New York Information and Reporting Services Division lists various data reports including New York State Report Cards, Language Arts and Math state level results and The Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) Report Card.

North Carolina

The Testing and Accountability Results Section of the North Carolina Public Schools Web site includes popular data topics such as Student Accountability Standards Reports and State Testing Results.

North Dakota

Various types of test information, including State Assessment and NAEP data are linked to the North Dakota Testing and Assessment Web page.


The Ohio Testing and Assessments Home Page has information about legally mandated testing of Ohio students including diagnostic tests, achievement tests, Ohio Graduation Tests and proficiency tests

The Ohio iLRC (interactive Local Report Card) is an interactive tool that provides current and historical Local Report Card data including proficiency test results.


The Report Cards and Information Web page on the Oklahoma Department of Education Web site reports Grades 3, 5 & 8 test scores and State Test Results and Information. You can also select Academic Performance Index (API) and Accountability Data reports for each school district and search for districts by County.


The Reports, Data and Statistics page on the Oregon Department of Education Web site includes data on Sub-Topics such as: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Report Card - State Wide Annual, Report Cards - School and District and Test Results for the 2005 Oregon Statewide Assessment.


The Pennsylvania AYP reports, as well as State, District, and School Report Cards, are available on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Web site.|

Rhode Island

The Information Services section of the Rhode Island Web site provides School, District and State Report Cards as well as other Assessment Result files.

South Carolina

The Reports and Publications section of the South Carolina Department of Education Web site includes Report Cards and Test Scores.

South Dakota

Assessment results and AYP data are housed on the Report Card page of the South Dakota Department of Education Web site.

Additional test scores for state assessments can be found on the South Dakota Office of Curriculum, Technology, & Assessment page.


The Evaluation and Assessment Division of the Tennessee Department of Education Web site includes NAEP and state assessment information.


From the Texas Academic Excellence Indicator (AEIS) Web site, you can access AEIS reports for every public school, district, or region of Texas. The reports include information on state assessment scores and School Report Cards.


The Utah State Office of Education Assessment and Accountability Web site has links to results for various state and national assessments. The AYP Reports and Results links lead to the Utah Performance Assessment System (UPASS) which is searchable by school and district.


The Vermont Department of Education has a State and National Data Assessment Web page that provides links to various student, school, supervisory unions/districts, state, and national assessment results information (e.g., NSRE, VT-DRA, VT-PASS, SAT, AP and NAEP).


The Virginia School Report Card Web site lists School, Division, and State Report Cards 2005 and State Level Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessment Results as well as Statewide Achievement Results in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics & Science.


The Report Card Web site of the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction allows you to search data by type of test, including AYP results, and further break down the data by state, district and school.

West Virginia

The West Virginia Office of Student Assessment Services provides access to data on state assessments results and measures of academic progress such as the NAEP.

West Virginia Report Cards, including student achievement data are also available.


The Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) Data Analysis search page allows you to search for school or district data such as state and test results in grades 3, 4, 8 and 10.

Nation’s Report Card information on Wisconsin schools including subject-area assessments and other Wisconsin reports can be accessed from the Wisconsin NAEP site.


The Data Management and Education Statistics page of the Wyoming Department of Education Web site lists Wyoming State Report Cards and proficiency assessment data.