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Professional Learning Communities

Web sites

The following web sites provide a wealth of resources on PLCs.

All Things PLC

The All Things PLC website provides research, articles, data, and tools for educators who seek information about PLCs at work. This information is provided so schools and districts have relevant, practical knowledge and tools as they create and sustain their PLCs. The site contains:
  • Inspirational stories
  • A blog, including questions and answers
  • A section where schools can post effectiveness data and compare their data to those of other schools
  • Tools and resources (e.g., agendas, activities, links)

Annenberg Institute for School Reform

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) at Brown University works with urban school systems that are pursuing systemwide efforts to improve educational experiences and opportunities. In the context of a comprehensive reform initiative, AISR promotes the use of PLCs as a central element for effective professional development. The report, Professional Learning Communities: Professional Development Strategies that Improve Instruction, describes AISR's current approach to PLCs and is available online. Reports on other related topics also are available.

Effective Professional Learning Communities

The Effective Professional Learning Communities (EPLC) research project is a collaborative of several universities and institutes in England. EPLC's mission is to study effective PLCs to determine how they are created and sustained. The site offers the following resources:
  • Creating and Sustaining Effective Professional Learning Communities (full report and research brief)
  • Surveys used to gather information about PLCs

Learning Policy Center

The Learning Policy Center (LPC) at the University of Pittsburgh was established to advance ideas related to policy and learning. LPC offers policy briefs in conjunction with a blog in which participants can share their experiences and perspectives on the topics. One of the briefs is, Getting the Most out of Professional Learning Communities and Coaching: Promoting Interactions that Support Instructional Improvement.

National Staff Development Council

The National Staff Development Council (NSDC) is a nonprofit association focused on improving schools through effective staff development. NSDC has a set of standards for professional development, one of which focuses on PLCs. Descriptions of the standard and resources are provided. Also, NSDC offers an online library of resources on topical areas, including PLCs.

SEDL (formerly the Southwest Educational Development) Laboratory

SEDL is a private, nonprofit education research, development, and dissemination corporation based in Austin, Texas. Improving teaching and learning has been at the heart of SEDL’s work for more than 40 years. The SEDL website contains a number of resources on PLCs, including:
  • Leading Professional Learning Communities: Voices from Research and Practice []
  • Professional Learning Communities-Communities of Continuous Inquiry and Improvement []
  • Professional Learning Communities-An Ongoing Exploration []
  • Multiple Mirrors: Reflections on the Creation of Professional Learning Communities []
  • Schools as Learning Communities. Issues About Change, 4(1) []
  • Professional Learning Communities: What Are They and Why Are They Important? Issues About Change, 6(1) []
  • Creating a Professional Learning Community: Cottonwood Creek School. Issues About Change, 6(2) []
  • Assessing a School Staff as a Community of Professional Learners. Issues About Change, 7(1) []
  • Principals and Teachers: Continuous Learners. Issues About Change, 7(2) []
  • Launching Professional Learning Communities: Beginning Actions. Issues About Change, 8(1) []
  • Co-Developers: Partners in a Study of Professional Learning Communities. Issues About Change, 8(2) []

SERVE Center

The SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro is a university-based research, development, dissemination, evaluation, and technical assistance center. Its mission is to support and promote teaching and learning excellence in the prekindergarten through Grade 12 education community. The SERVE Center operates the Regional Educational Laboratory-Southeast. Under the topical area of teacher quality (, SERVE offers a number of resources on PLCs-which they refer to as Professional Learning Teams-including:
  • FAQs about PLCs
  • Sample chapter of A Facilitator’s Guide to Professional Learning Teams: Creating on-the-Job Opportunities for Teachers to Continually Learn and Grow, which provides field tested tools and procedures for establishing and maintaining PLCs in schools
  • PLC tools and resources that support the facilitator’s guide described above
  • PLC process that engages school faculties in sustained, onsite professional development directed at improving teacher quality and student achievement

Teacher Leaders Network

The Teacher Leaders Network (TLN) is a project of the Center for Teaching Quality in North Carolina. TLN is a network of active communities of highly accomplished teacher leaders from across the nation, dedicated to student success and the transformation of teaching into a profession. TLN members have referenced and created the Resources Library in which teachers post articles they have found to be relevant on a particular topic. One of the topical areas is PLCs.