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  • Title: On the Road to Empowerment: A Comprehensive Analysis of Teacher Involvement in Decision Making Processes.

    Author: Murray, David R.; And Others

    Year: 1993

    Publication Information: Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Educational Research Association (Clearwater Beach, FL, February 17-20, 1993)

    ERIC number: ED355232

    Abstract: Within the arena of public school reform, teacher empowerment and participation in the decision making process at the building level are of paramount importance. A collaborative team of teacher educators and public school staff was assembled to assess various perceptions of site-based decision making throughout Georgia. A random sample of 400 building level administrators and teachers were asked to respond to a questionnaire designed to identify general perceptions related to what actually exists in site-based decision making and the level of importance placed on the concept within the school government structure. Five areas were examined: school climate; staff development; competency requirements; program content; and implementation patterns. A comparative analysis of respondents' perceptions and aspirations as reflected by importance indicators suggests: commitment to the inclusionary process; a correlation between building level administrators' commitment to the process and to levels of program development, implementation, and success; and prevailing conditions within the schools of Georgia are such that site-based decision making can begin to evolve. Data are presented in tabular form. (Contains 20 references.)

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