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  • Title: Motivation of Parent Involvement in Secondary-Level Schooling.

    Author: Deslandes, Rollande; Bertrand, Richard

    Year: 2005

    Publication Information: Journal of Educational Research; v98 n3 p164-175 Jan 2005

    Abstract: This article points out the need for the development of training programs to help parents clearly understand that they have a direct role to play in school-based instruction for their children. The study used item analysis of questionnaires and factor analyses of the data collected from junior high-level French-speaking students in Quebec. The basic findings and suggestions for action in the report can assist school staff in reviewing their reform efforts to understand more clearly how well they plan for and implement activities to increase the involvement of parents in their reform efforts. The authors highlight the need for school activities to sensitize students to the need for them to involve their parents in school activities. The authors suggest some steps that can be taken to achieve these ends.

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