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  • Title: What Do We Expect of School Principals? Congruence between Principal Evaluation and Performance Standards

    Author: Catano, Nancy; Stronge, James H.

    Year: 2007

    Publication Information: International Journal of Leadership in Education, v10 n4 p379-399

    ERIC number: EJ828401

    Abstract: The research sought to determine how well aligned principal performance evaluation instruments were with principles of effective leadership and state standards for principals. The researchers used content analysis methodology to closely examine principal performance evaluation instruments to answer three questions: (1) How much emphasis was placed upon leadership and management behaviors typically expected of school principals? (2) How congruent were the evaluation instruments with instructional leadership and management attributes? and (3) How congruent were the instruments with state and professional standards? The study found that the performance evaluations were most congruent when a school district focused on instructional leadership, organizational management, and community relations. In these districts, principal performance evaluation were more aligned with state and professional expectations.

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