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  • Title: Parent and Teacher Relationships as Predictors of School Engagement and Functioning among Low-Income Urban Youth

    Author: Murray, Christopher

    Year: 2009

    Publication Information: Journal of Early Adolescence, v29 n3 p376-404

    ERIC number: EJ839558

    Abstract: This investigation examined associations between early adolescents' relationships with parents and teachers and indicators of school adjustment. Participants were primarily students of color (91 percent Latino) in a low-income urban environment, and analyses were conducted to examine the relative contributions of parent-child and teacher-student relationships to school adjustment among these youth. Findings indicated that parent-child relationship quality accounted for a significant portion of the variance in student-rated school engagement, school competence, and standardized achievement in reading. Teacher-student relationship quality accounted for a significant amount of variance in student-reported engagement, grades in language arts, grades in mathematics, and mathematical achievement. Unclear expectations in relationships with parents, and closeness-trust with teachers made particularly strong contributions to school adjustment. Interaction analyses between parent and teacher relationship factors were significant for only one of the six school adjustment variables (i.e., student-rated school competence). The implications of these findings for teachers and other school personnel are discussed.

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